Please read: Using images to promote the "Space Lords" range


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Please read: Using images to promote the "Space Lords" range


Beitragvon Christian_S » Sa 21. Jun 2014, 19:50

For all our users who don't speak German, Viruz asked me to put up this post regarding the use of images from this forum.

First, we would love to see pictures of your painted Space Lords (and other MM ranges') figures. If you want to post those, you are obviously free to do so.

On the other hand, some of the larger images posted by Viruz have recently been re-posted and hotlinked on other websites without his consent. This is, in fact, a copyright violation apart from the bandwidth strain, and Viruz considers it to be disrespectful of the work he put into cataloguing and photographing his collection.

Nonetheless, the recent resurgence in interest regarding the Spacelords ranges means that it would be useful to be able to show folks what the ranges actually include. For this reason, Viruz has put up smaller versions of the images which you may link to, or re-post, on other sites, provided you cite a reference to the Metal Magic forum, since it might lead to new members with an interest in MM.

You can find the resized images featuring many items from the Spacelords range here:


Thanks for reading!