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To new Forum Members.....

Verfasst: So 18. Mär 2012, 17:12
von Viruz
Hello dear Forum Newbies, :20:

The Images and Pictures from the forum are Private Property and may not be used without my Permission. It is not allowed to use Pontents and excerpts from the Katalog sheets without Ponsultation.

For the private Collection of the Catalog Pages may be used, a commercial use is prohibited.

If you want to use Images from our Forum on his private Website wants to please make a request via PM.

Basically, I do not mind if the Images are used on private Homepages, I would be just asking.
I also think it would be nice if when you use our Images notice is placed on our Forum.

A link to the Pictures from our side is not allowed.

Thank you for your Understanding.

Your Metal Magic Team. :13: